The Beginning

The first Southwick motocross race was held in 1972 just down the road from our current location. It was an NESC race held to benefit some of the towns charities, over the years the track has donated thousands of dollars to causes and schools close by.

The Current Location

The track you see today was carved out of the woods behind the American Legion Post 338 by Legion members who were also fathers of NESC racers. Lead by Bernie Yelin, Pat Smith, Ray Peebles, Dante Molta, Clovis Goyette and many more men and women worked long hours to create this world famous track.

The Nationals

In 1976 the AMA Motocross Nationals added MX338 to their schedule. Called the toughest track in American by the visiting racers MX338 would draw huge crowds lining the fence to watch the factory backed racers duel with the local heroes.

Over the years the New England racers have done quite well at the Southwick national from Rick Granville winning the 500 support class in 76, Pat Barton almost winning a 125 moto to John Dowd getting on the podium well into his 40.

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