Triple Crown finale Saturday, September 8th

Round three of our own series, classes for 65's and up, no membership required, come race and bring your friends!

Rugged Maniac September 29-30.

Think The Wick's tough on a bike? Try it on foot with a bunch of extra obstacles thrown in just for fun. All the details and entry info is at Rugged Manic

NEATV Motocross Saturday and Sunday October 6&7

ATV racers, UTV racers this is your chance to rip up The Wick 338. Two days of fun in the sand and wild ATV racing action. More details at

Open practice and NESC MX October 27&28

Saturday is Open Practice, come ride all day even if you're not racing the NESC event on Sunday. This race is always a big one, everyone's welcome to ride or watch.

Announcing The Wick 338 Triple Crown series!

Three big races, three more chances to race The Wick!
All classes – 65cc 7-12 Through 450cc & All Vet Classes

Transponders required (Limited rentals - $10 plus deposit)

“Wick Membership License” available - $10 off of each class - PLUS 1/2 off at all Open Practices - Not required to race though

Must Ride all 3 events to qualify for End of Series Prizes
Sponsors for the series will be – Kawasaki, MB tractor, Kabota, Alias, Factory Connection, Dunlop, 6D helmets, Buckley Photos, Ride 100%. All the info is right here

Save on Kubotas at MB Tractor

Are you a contractor or excavation company owner? Then you know just how good Kubotas are. We love ours at The Wick! Now you can save on some of their most popular models at MB Tractor and Equipment

Kawasaki, the official side by side of The Wick 338

We love our new Kawasaki six passenger Mule, it hauls people, tools and equipment all day long, all over the sands of The Wick 338 without ever missing a beat.