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2024 Pro National sponsor announced

The Wick 338 is excited to announce that CRESTVIEW CONSTRUCTION will be the title sponsor for the 2024 Southwick SMX Pro Motocross National Championship on June 29.
Nothing could please us more. They have been our strategic partner behind the scenes for years. No one deserves top billing more than our friends at Crestview Construction.
General Admission, VIP and Prefered Viewing Island tickets on sale now at our Universe ticket page

2024 Event schedule

We are pleased to announce our 2024 event schedule has been released! As in the past we have so many great events ranging from motocross races with NESC, MSC and NEMX to off road races with J-Day Offroad and New York Offroad to the ultimate foot powered challenge, the Rugged Maniac.
See our whole schedule here.

important notice for all parents of minors

Effective immediately per order of our insurance company, any minor riding an open practice, taking a motocross class or racing at The Wick 338 must have the 2024 Minor Release signed and notarized by both parents! We know this is a huge inconvenience and we wish we didn't have to enforce it but our hands are tied, we have no choice.

If both parents are present at the track they may sign the form in the presence of a track official who will have to check IDs.

If one parent will not be able to make it to the track they must sign and have the form notarized and then the other parent can bring it with them to the track where they can sign it in front of a track official who will have to check an ID.

There is a box to initial for sole guardians

When filling out the Minor Release enter a date range of March 27 until December 5th to be covered for the year. All parents who bring a release dated that way will be given a card stating that they have a release on file and will not have to bring a new one at every event.
We are sorry to have to do this and we thank you so much for your cooperation.

This DOES NOT eliminate the need for at least one of the parents or guardians to be present at sign up for the minor.

If your child will be attending and riding at an open practice, a motocross school or racing at The Wick 338 both parents must sign and have notarized the Guardian Form appointing a legal (over 18) guardian for the day.

All riders, please bring your cards to sign-up

Please bring your membership card (NESC< NEMX< MSC, J-Day etc.), your ID and your insurance card with you to sign-up. We hate to be requiring all this but the insurance companies are getting stricter and stricter with their rules, sorry for the hassle and thank you for understanding and helping out.


Based on recent Insurance Directives, as well as Local and State Ordinance

• NO OPEN FIRES – MEANING – NO OPEN FIRES – Per Southwick Fire Department
• PIT VEHICLE – To include – Pit Bikes, Side By Sides, and Golf Carts
• Only permitted to and from Start Line – Only on race day
• Helmets must be worn on Pit Bikes
• No double riding
• Speed equivalent of first gear only
• NO PIT RIDING the day before an event
• No riding outside of the Pit Area fencing
• No riding on the Gas Line, Wooded Area, or near the Legion Building
• TRASH – Either take it home with you, or deposit it in our dumpster
• Do not leave tires behind
• Do not leave fuel or oil cans behind

• No admittance past track fence
• No admittance to first turn
• Mechanic’s Area is to the LEFT of the Start Line – Not First Turn

These rules will be strictly enforced.
Thank you.

Join The Wick 338

The Wick 338 membership is only $50 for the year. With that you will get half price on all open practices for 2024 that's a savings of $25. each time you ride one of our open practices and since we have 10 scheduled for this year you could save yourself up to $250. Join now! Join now, pay later, use our sign-up form so we'll have you in the system on race day, there's no need to send any money now. We'll accept payment when you get to the track.

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Kawasaki, the official side by side of The Wick

We love our six passenger Mule, it hauls people, tools and equipment all day long, all over the sands of The Wick 338 without ever missing a beat.

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open practice at the wick

Come ride and get ready for Sunday or ride just for the fun of it.

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MSC MX in 2023

Always popular events, don't miss it!

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Kubotas at MB Tractor

We love ours at The Wick! Now you can save on some of their most popular models at MB Tractor and Equipment