NEMX Motocross at The Wick 338 this Saturday 10-22 moved to Sunday 11-6!!!

Looks like another great fall riding day coming up! Come on over to The Wick 338 for our last MX race of the year. NEMX will be running the show and it's a great group of laid back racers, the perfect chance to come and give motocross a try.


Camping is allowed on Saturday, gates open at 4:00PM

Open practice dates added for November

If you're still looking for a place to ride after the racing is all done we've got you covered! We just added open practice on November 14th. Bring your friends and spend the day playing in the sand.

Kawasaki, the official side by side of The Wick 338

We love our new Kawasaki six passenger Mule, it hauls people, tools and equipment all day long, all over the sands of The Wick 338 without ever missing a beat.